About Us

Habesha Cafe

Established in 1992 and now a restaurant, deli, and cafe—Habesha Cafe (previously Amy’s Merkato) is also Seattle’s first Ethiopian Market. We are Judy and Filli, and we were raised in Eritrean and Ethiopian families with extensive experience in retail. Before returning to Ethiopia in 2000, Amy offered to sell her market to us. With our strong dedication to our customers and quality, our business has since grown!

Our Customers, Our Bosses

Since Eritrean & Ethiopian food is prepared to share with a group, it seems natural that our restaurant has become a family-friendly focus of the Hillman City community. We love our business and are 100% focused on our customers (our bosses). We love to see that our culinary traditions are being passed on to our next generations—and now to people born in the United States and all over the world.

Everyone is Welcome

Whether it is our regular customers who have been with us for over two decades, or our new customers in Hillman City, we look forward to seeing you at Habesha Cafe–where everyone is welcome.