Coffee Roasting & Beverage Supplies

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Ethiopian Coffee Ready for Home Roasting

Home Coffee Roasting

Newsflash, Seattle. Coffee roasting is an engaging and accessible hobby—and we have the area’s finest green un-roasted beans available for your home roasting! Roasting at home ensures that you’ll always drink the freshest coffee possible, and leaves a fragrant ‘incense’ to enjoy and savor.

Call or visit—we’ll tell you the few easy steps necessary for consistently roasting delicious Ethiopian coffee.

Tea, Traditional Drinks, and Beer Making Supplies

Habesha Cafe also sells Ethiopian teas and tea spices—and roasted barley and hops for making traditional Eritrean & Ethiopian drinks and beers. Whether you are supplying your restaurant, or are trying a new home project—we’ll be happy to guide your project, step by step.