Habesha Market

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The Market at Amy’s Merkato

The Ethiopian & Eritrean Market in the Cafe

At Habesha Cafe, we offer far more than just delicious prepared food. We love maintaining the traditions of Eritrean & Ethiopian cooking, and have the spices and ingredients you need to prepare our cuisine in the comfort of your home. We enjoy answering questions about the preparation of recipes, coffee roasting, etc. Call us anytime with your questions.

Quality Products and Good Deals

We are constantly looking for the best deals on quality products for our customers; including fresh spices, coffee, and kitchenware. You can depend on us to help you find any cooking supplies you are looking for. We import many items directly from Addis Abeba—with trusted partners to ensure consistent quality. Below is a sample of some of our fine products and merchandise:

  • Spices (common and Ethiopian)
  • Lentils and Foul
  • Yetner Terekabe (Ethiopian spiced butter)
  • Teas
  • Teaware
  • Beer, Wine, and Tej
  • Cold Drinks & Kombucha
  • Stovetop Espresso Makers
  • Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Pots
  • Turkish Coffee Pots
  • Traditional Coffee Roasting Pots
  • Clay Jebena Brewing Pots
  • Coffee Cups
  • Items for Coffee Ceremonies
  • Incense
  • Gift Items
  • and more…

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